Ice Palace FAQ's


Frequently asked questions:

Does it have to be frozen? No. We are interested in your interpretation of "Frozen" and work that will fit into our Ice Palace.

What will the weather be like? We have no idea! 

But it'll melt! If it's meant to be frozen, it might! We're interested in the experiment of Tessellate as a mediator between a gallery space and the elements of a Michigan Winter. We want the work to reflect the space - with or without the effects of climate change

When do I drop off the work? It'll depend on whether the work needs to be frozen, we'll be working with the individual artists to coordinate drop off times. 

Ice Palace will be a one-night event.

All media are welcome! 

              Please email us at tessellate.gallery@gmail.com with any questions... 

We can't wait to see what you send us! Submissions due by 1/31.